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Pros and Cons of IHG Rewards. By Loyalty Lobby, updated. Love this Pros & Cons series!

Airline 24 Hour Cancellation Policies, Tips and Tricks. By Milenomics. This is awesome, went to my Evernote files!

Complete Guide to United Routing Rules. By Travel is Free. Wow! Need to study this baby more carefully! Went straight to my Evenote!

It appears that the InterContinental “by invitation only” Royal Ambassador elite status requalification requirement is 60 nights of which 20 must be at three different ICs according to this post at Loyalty Lobby.

Twisted Sifter’s Top 100 “Pictures of the Day” for 2013. Many have appeared here at TBB. This is one from Sarajevo in 1992, you can read more about the Cellist of Sarajevo.

Cellist of Sarajevo music

Make love and music, not war :-)


Wingsuiters Fly Incredibly Close To The Ground. Insane video found at The Adventure Blog. I doubt these guys can qualify for life insurance :-)

How to Be a Better Human – A Contract With Myself. By Bored Daddy. This is fantastically inspirational! Like #1 especially: “Spend less time shopping, more time traveling”. I am down with that as I hardly ever spend any time shopping anyway!

Simon Beck is a snow artist. He is a genius bordering on insanity (those two usually go together) who spends hours to create something that will be gone in a few hours or days. I am blown away by this…like the drifting snow…Here is the article on him at Viralnova.com. And here is his Facebook page.

Snow Art Simon Beck

Snow Art


Suggested by a TBB reader, sums up the current state of blogging nicely :-) Found, appropriately, at despair.com lol

Blogging Demotivator

Too many bloggers showing “friends and family how to travel for free”…


And I leave you with this. Full Disclosure: This is NOT my cat!

Brown Cats Can't Jump!

Kitty kitty…Found here


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19 comments on “IHG Rewards, Airline Cancellation Policies, United Routing Rules, Royal Ambassador, Top 2013 Pictures, Wingsuiters, Be a Better Human, Snow Art, Blogging, Dumb Cat

  1. It seems that Google has published its own lists of ‘Blogs I Like’.

    Around 10 days ago, Google changed the way it shows Authorship. It seems that too many grinning faces were showing up in search results. They have split blogs with linked authorship into three categories:

    1. ‘Top Authority’ – you still get your photo shown
    2. ‘Medium Authority’ – no more photo for you, but still get a bye-line in Google search, eg ‘by Robert B’ under the heading
    3. ‘No Authority’ – Google does not show a bye-line or a photograph, your search results just show up like a normal result even if you have Google Authorship

    So, who made the cut? (Remember that I don’t know who had Authorship in the first place.)

    Numero Uno status seems to sit with MMS, Ben, MileValue (oh yes), Hack My Trip, Well Traveled Miles

    Numero Duo status seems to have been given to me (and only me, in the few tests I ran!)

    Bottom level status (but these people may never have had Authorship) seems to site with Loyalty Lobby, Noobtraveller, Points Guy, AwardGuru, Travel Is Free, EPOP, Miles Professor, Saverocity

    • This Google Authorship stuff is not that easy to figure out!

      I am shocked that TPG is not in the Numero Uno list, what is the staff doing all day long? :-)

      So, it appears Google does not show that TBB exists….don’t like them sob’s anyway. The way they handled my Google Ads foray into monetizing reminded me of North Korea like tactics :-)

      Thanks for the info, very useful.

      • Get one of the XML Sitemap plug-ins for WordPress and then add it to Google Webmaster Tools – although they should have found you anyway. You may have a penalty due to the adwords thing …..

  2. Buzzy, I hope you had a safe journey home and I am sure the kids and Mrs. Buzz are glad to see you……Is it just me, but I have been losing interest in Frequent Miler for the last couple of months. Seems that almost all his post are about Kohl’s or Sears lately. I know he reads TBB, if you see this Greg maybe you can help me find a way to get points/miles for my medicine from the Medical Marijuana store that only takes cash (credit card companies don’t want to deal with the Feds)………….Also since I’m in a cranky mood right now, Hack My Trip hasn’t been as good since he got married. Maybe the Nooky is wearing him out.

    • Lol, you crack me up. I am typing this from my flat bed somewhere over the Atlantic in a Lufthansa A330 with the new business seats. I tried to sleep but just could not manage so I decided to crank up the laptop. Sitting next to a Lufthansa flight attendant, there is a bunch of them non revs on this flight! They do a pretty good job I must admit, I will miss them so much after the recent UA mega devaluation.

      I went to see “The Wolf of Wall Street” my last night in Greece. Great movie. It made me so mad I wanted to jump to the screen and hurt some of these phuckers. Now that is a sign of a good movie when you get feelings like that :-)

      I hear what you say about FM. I really don’t do much of what he blogs about, just way too much hassle for my taste. His originality and way he monetizes is still exemplary.

      I will let Scott reply on his performance since he got married. I am married 20 years…been going downhill ever since LOL. Ok, just kidding about that last part actually.

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