I am on my way back from Brazil after having attended an amazing World Cup game between Greece and Ivory Coast in Fortaleza. I am in a major catch up mode, I missed you all too! I am working forward from the date I left so this may take some time to fully catch up. I am ignoring the Blogs to Ignore for real, just do not have the time to deal with salesmen who sell credit cards every day.


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Travelblawg wrote a incredibly educational and touching post: “GUIDE: 9 Tips When Traveling With An Alzheimer’s Dementia Companion“.

The Complete Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Manufactured Spending* by Miles4More is a pretty good read on the subject. Loved the graphic and the disclosure: “If you apply and get approved for the one credit card referred to in this thread, I get nothing. But if you pay interest on it, ever, I will be very sad.

$3000 Worth Of Travel For $200 – The Economics Of Our Recent Trip by Miles to Memories. Great “score” on making travel happen this way! Looking forward to the Amtrak train review, hope it was as good as ours!

Another blog at Saverocity: Are We There Yet? It is another family related blog which is good to see, competition is good!

The Complete Guide to British Airways Avios. By Travel is Free


12 stunning pictures from the 2014 Nat Geo Photo Contest

Sunrise at Seoraksan, South Korea

Sunrise at Seoraksan, South Korea. Photo by Ka Shim


30 Death-Defying Photos That Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat. By Bored Panda.

Image credits: Brian Mosbaugh

Image credits: Brian Mosbaugh


40 bizarre roadside attractions around the US. By Matador Network. Talk about bizarre all right!

World's Largest Six Pack in La Crosse, Wisconsin

World’s Largest Six Pack in La Crosse, Wisconsin



Stunning Travel Video From Koh Yao Noi in Thailand. By The Adventure Blog. Stunning indeed!



A disturbing picture below. Hey, this lady looks like Chase Bank’s executive in charge of affiliate blogger relationships. Guess we all know who is in charge here, sell them credit cards bitches! LOL

slaves credit cards bloggers bitches

Found here


I understand the above image was very disturbing and since we like to entertain around here how about I leave you with this one…

coach little league baseball no respect

Blogger who kills deals should get this treatment lol. Found here



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33 comments on “Traveling with Alzheimer’s, MS Guide, Are We There Yet?, British Airways Avios, Largest Six Pack, Koh Yao Noi in Thailand

  1. Coincidentally, the neighborhood in the background below the tightrope walker will be home to most of the sporting venues for the Rio 2016 Olympics. It’s Barra.

    Have been using Avios for travel to weddings and parties recently when the train is too far; the fact that they have to be transferred in thousand-mile chunks really grinds my gears.

  2. @Helixcardinal: Some things never change around here :-)

    @ Shaun: So so close!

    @KennyB: I think both USA and Greece can advance to the Final 8, I believe that we will win :-)

    @konorth: Thanks. It was a game I will NEVER forget, I was part of history!

    @tv7: If Greece beats Costa Rica and Netherlands beats Mexico…we play against each other oh oh :-)

    @harvson3: I was wondering where this place was, thanks. Loved Brazil, Fortaleza area was very nice. Sao Paulo…way too urban crazy for me! Loved the culture there, fun going people!

    @ Kumar and Another Mark: Thanks a lot. I need time to catch up with everything. No ouzo for me, it knocks me out…ridiculously strong!

    • And the Alex Honnold picture in that collection is from the face of Half Dome, looking northeast. excuse me while I go dry my hands.

  3. I missed you. I need your recaps otherwise I have to do the dirty work of looking at the self serving pumper pimpers myself. Actually I haven’t looked since you went to Brazil and I am sure it’s the same old same old with them.
    I really enjoy Savorocity and am glad I found it thru TBB.

    Well back.

    • It’s the same old crap. I don’t bother with them anymore. Life is too short to be dealing with self serving credit card marketing barrages. The Frontline entries I did for a whole week were for a reason: I need to add the links to the “Pumpization” blog post. People who read it can get educated well and understand what we are dealing with. I am not doing this again, there is not enough time in the day. It’s not like I am getting paid to do this guys. I need to focus on my own work, Mrs. TBB is starting to lose patience. I am going to try to keep it all positive which will lessen the time spent on TBB by a great factor which I really need! I know many will get disappointed…me too, I enjoy beating them up and I think I do it in an entertaining manner. But I need to get a grip on my life and refocus on my priorities.

      Having said that….I said this before before the troll appeared to inspire me to keep going lol.

      I did not gain ANY weight while in Brazil which is incredible as I did not exercise at all and ate/drank things that are not calorie friendly!

      About 7 hours to go before Costa Rica vs Greece!

  4. For those who have seen/enjoyed the Nike animated ads that show on ESPN re: the World Cup, last night I was at the Command Center where these commercials are made. The producer is a family friend and he took a bunch of us to tour the facility. They create, write, film, and edit each day’s ad after the games are played. (Each day they pick a game to focus on.)

    The Command Center pulls together Nike staff (marketing, region specialists, lawyers, etc.) with the advertising agency’s creatives and tech guys, as well as those representing the athletes, because if they are to produce a 30 second commercial every day in time for it to show that evening on ESPN, they need immediate approvals from all the stakeholders.

    So far the ads have gotten 15+ million views, just on youtube. When they dismantle the Command Center, they will be selling some of the stuff used to outfit the place on Craigslist or eBay, so you might just be able to pick up a souvenir or two! We were not permitted to take any photos.

    Here’s a sample of what they create, although this one doesn’t show any action shots:

    Very fun field trip!

    • Colombia is scary good! Do they take their game to Brazil next or do they get intimidated and rest on their accomplishments? If they play loose and just take their game to Brazil (unlike Chile who gave the Brazilian team way too much respect) they can beat them handily. The Brazilian team is just not that good.

      There was a good reason Greece lost to Colombia 3-0. Hope Greece joins Colombia in the Final 8 which it will be a first for both teams!

  5. Costa Rica was one of our best vacations ever, Ticos are so nice and friendly! ¡Vamos Ticos!

    Alas, we haven’t yet been to Greece. In the future I hope to be more conflicted!

  6. Geroge, glad you had fun in Brazil and congrats on the success of your team. Now, you still have two teams to cheer for, one more than me… :(

    On an unrelated note, watching Mex vs. Ned right now. I’m liking Mexico more and more with every new game, but seriously, there should’ve been a penalty on the 47th. They lucked out.

    • Mexico did what they always do…managed to find a way to lose at THIS stage…6th time in a row!

      Well, the Greeks fought hard. The CR goalie had 3 biggest saves of his life today (one was the PK). No excuse for the Greeks to score just one goal in 55 minutes playing with a man up. Tough tough way to lose. Still made history for making it to the 2nd round but…could have had more….I am distraught still.

      • Neither team played well but Greece surely played worse and did not deserve it. Happy for the Ticos—they are making their country very proud, I’m sure.

        • Played worse, really? CR had a shot (and a goal) in the whole 2nd half! Greece did not deserve it because it was inexcusable for them not to find the net in 55 minutes playing with one more man! And the CR goalie sure had something to do with it…his two saves in the game were a few inches from allowing a goal! And nice guess and dive in the 4th PK. Greeks left it on the field, no complaints from any Greek. It just was not meant to be I guess. Still great accomplishment for this Greek team!

          • Yes, played worse because, like you said, if they could not put something together in one hour with an extra man, well, then, no excuses.

            Happy for them, but more happy for CR!

  7. Thanks for the mention TBB! This site contributed to launching the site – I’d read regularly here and figure that if I shut up and don’t plug credit cards 3x a day, I could probably do something decent. Or at least, TBB wouldn’t shame me!

    • Good to hear, thanks for the kind words. Actually, while I was gone, the same mega credit card marketing pumpers did not miss a beat. I just can’t keep up the shaming anymore…I know it can be kind of fun but just not enough time for me to keep up my crusade :-)

      I am glad I did not stay more in Brazil…having to fly back after losing in PKs would be too much to handle

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