I am making this post right after watching Greece lose to Costa Rica in Penalty kicks in the World Cup in Brazil. I am a little distraught and emotionally totally spent. I thought about eating a whole pizza and drinking a bottle of wine all by myself to help me deal with the feelings I am experiencing right now. Only a record day of you using my Amazon link will help me get over it so please go ahead lol.


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menorca spain hover boats

Menorca, Spain. Found here


5 Best Ways to Use US Airways Dividend Miles. By Hack My Trip. Probably the best blog post on the subject while so many others are making a complete ass of themselves appearing to be adding value and hoping their readers are dumb enough to click on their own links.

Loyalty Traveler has written a great series about all things Starwood Preferred Guest SPG:

Travel is Free thanks the people who donated to the worthy cause of helping a couple adopt and change the life of a child. Good to see some names I know.

Fascinating graph of “How Powerful Is Your Passport” by Loyalty Lobby.


Everyday Life In Indonesian Villages Captured by Herman Damar. At Bored Panda. Incredible pictures here!

Indonesia everyday life by Herman Damar

Indonesia everyday life by Herman Damar


Inside the Darien Gap. By Matador Network. Fascinating stuff!

Kuna indian woman Darian Gap

Kuna Indian woman in Darian Gap


India in One Word. By Travel is Free. A fascinating trip report. I would rather read and see pictures of real life like this instead of reading some pompous credit card salesman “travel” blogger who writes about the cruelty of not having a pre departure drink served or the sheer horror of not getting upgraded in a suite while prepping a dozen posts about “top ten credit cards” and “this credit card deal ends _____ Hurry!”.

India temples

Somewhere in India


ABC News Profiles Alex Honnold. At The Adventure Blog. Wow!

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon. By Marc and Angel Hack Life.


And I leave you with this…


Lol. Found here


Ok, one more…

sad face man blogger boo

Blogger who just checked how much he made from credit cards yesterday lol. Found here



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25 comments on “US Airways Dividend miles, Starwood Preferred Guest SPG Guides, Passports, Indonesia, Darien Gap, India, Alex Honnold, Truths

  1. I was traveling and was at the Costco watching that Greece game for as much as I could. Before I resumed my trip, I thought that Greece had it (11 vs 10). Sorry to hear the bad news. Welcome back, and that Vitas quote is a good one :) Thanks.

  2. I’ve gotta comment in passing about the “How Powerful Is Your Passport” entry. The graph showing the Schengen Area reminded me of the silliness when my late husband and I flew from ATL to London on Saga Class on IcelandAir. We flew to NYC (on Delta), then flew into Iceland on IcelandAir. Got off the plane; went out through Customs (well, not “out” — we went “into” Iceland from “outside”), literally crossed the hall, went back IN through Customs, got on (what was probably) the same plane, and took off for London…. I don’t remember our luggage having to “deplane” and be reboarded, and it was a pretty short visit, so that’s why I think it was the same plane!

  3. @ stalker: First First, hooray!

    @ Shaun: Correct!

    @ Jamison: In retrospect, it was good I did not stay…the flight back after this cruel way to lose would have been unbearable. Nice post on the BA/US awards, slotted for the next Buzz post. Actually, it is the only post so far. I am ignoring the crappy cc posts everywhere and reclaiming my life :-) Besides, I have WC games to watch lol.

    @ Nguyen: Yeah, it is still hard to deal with this loss…No complaints, the boys left it on the field. Darn CR goalie, had the game of his life! Go Gerulaitis!

    @ Elenor: This Schengen stuff can be confusing and ridiculous!

  4. Nice little compilation, George. Wow – excellent photos at Bored Panda. This person has some taste for natural life. The travel summary of Drew was equally good and some of the photos tell the real story of northern India. And, i too felt bad when Greece lost and cried for my friend, George :(

    • The lounge blocking access to those sites are pathetic – but lets be honest, his outrage will last right up until his next Chase sales pitch when suddenly “KOREAN AIR FIRST CLASS TONS OF AVAILABILITY!!!!”

      Also, the outrage seems ironic considering that he seems to have no problems flying first class on state-owned airlines of governments whose treatments of homosexuals goes way beyond just blocking certain websites

      • @Steve….there is so much irony with so many of these sites and the Bozo’s who write them. As for OMAT, I refuse to read it after the Kickstarter “irony”. Gleff, I do check, because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. The irony there, is that he thinks he is World’s Foremost Authority and a Suave Bon-vivant to boot (F/C lav selfie anyone). I give him credit though as a very good editor re-wording other people’s work to make it look like his own. But then again, don’t they (almost) all do that.

    • It’s not “whatever”. It’s major. I side with Lucky and found it incredible that he came out in the comment section of his own blog in this context. The thing that people often fail to realize is that anyone in the LBGT community makes a choice about coming out not once, but in situations every day of their lives. It is not easy and I think it took great courage to do what he did and I was glad he stood up to the scrutiny and took a stand. He earned my respect.

    • Well, I made a comment there. It kind of goes along with what Steve said.

      For people who know me they know where I stand on this issue.

      @smittytabb: I respect your opinion. We can discuss this one day if you like.

  5. So with the current offer running, will capital one become the top breaking news in all our “travel” blogs?

      • I think he means the sign-up bonuses for savings and/or checking accounts, with referrals from a current customer. No hard pulls. (Disclosure: used TBB’s link to open a Cap One Savings account last year, got $76 and a 1099; closed after six months because keeping money in a savings account right now is a fool’s errand.)

      • No, the so called “independence” offer for opening checking/savings/share trading account. The key here is you can “refer” someone and “earn”. Let me know if you need my “referral link”. :)

      • @ Laid by James: No credit card, come on! It’s this offer:

        How it works:

        Open a no-fee 360 Savings® account between June 30th and July 3rd (with a deposit of $500 or more).
        Snag a $76 bonus and start earning interest.
        Celebrate the fact that you’re on the road to saving.

        Comes around twice a year. Free $76 if you ask me :-)

        this is my referral link. I am posting it here and will avoid posting it in my blog post.

        Actually I am trying to figure out how to post Amazon text links for my Top 10 personal finance books I was recently asked to provide…Darn it, this affiliate stuff is not that easy or I am just too dumb :-)

        It’s ok to use Kumar’s link too :-)

  6. I wonder how Randy would feel if someone started DepartureArea.
    Really petty on Randy’s part to pick a name that’s so close to First2Board
    I think it’s all about money! Is Randy trying to put First2Board out of business?

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