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I am really enjoying seeing Gary at View from the Wing call out the stuff sprayed to its readers over at the Milevalue blog. Gary wrote “Delta is Great for Award Availability if you don’t Like your Spouse“.  How can a blogger claim that Delta has the best award space to Asia? I decided to turn all positive and all in the latest evolution of TBB and I just can’t at least mention this, so ludicrous! Oh, wait a minute, let’s see how Gary put it:  “Looks like we have to rate the claim of ‘best award space to Asia’ for Delta Skymiles as “mostly false”.  Sometimes going through the Feedly blog feeds I feel like I should be carrying a shovel, uggh! Read some of the comments,most entertaining. Don’t miss #27!

View from the Wing also gets the scoop by someone at Barclays that the US Air card WILL carry on by being rebranded to an American card (and NOT convert to an Arrival card). Hey wait a minute, I thought it was going to last just a few more weeks? :-) So as we are waiting in our household to get two 10k anniversary US Air miles and then cancel, the question becomes do we go for yet one more round on this baby a few months down the road?


It appears that using myvanilladebit card has been very problematic lately as account holders are being shut down left and right. Which led FlyerTalk member BarnyardRomeo to post this hilarious comment #2375:

dear hot myvanilla girl

hot my vanilla girl

weve been seeing each other on a daily basis for a long while now, and its truly been the highlight of my day to see you each day. but i have been thinking about our relationship and i sometimes doubt whether I am good enough for you. in other words, you deserve better. to put it plainly, i am a ms’ing cheapskate and you deserve a cardholder who is willing to pay you the exorbitant fees you deserve. my nickle-and-dime occasional $1.50 wm mo fee is an insult to your beauty and great taste. please do not think i have fallen out of love with you. its not you thats the problem, its me. well actually, its incomm more than its me, but anyway its definitely not you. to wrap it up, the honorable and selfless thing for me to do at this point is to give you the opportunity to find another cardholder not in spend-down mode who is willing to give you the lavish life you deserve through “everyday spending”, willing to pay the outrageous fees needed to support your high-class lifestyle.
yours always,
barnyard romeo

Those darn evil incomm people, boo! Lol.

A kind reader alerted me that Delta Points has lost the Chase affiliate links. It looks like Chase continues cutting down on the numbers of blogs it deals with. I expect to see lots more Chase credit card pushing, this is a warning. Please help bloggers in my Blogs I Love and Blogs I Like lists!


Ok, drop everything. You must watch this Vimeo video. Yes. Stop. Right now. This is what you get when you put a Go Pro on a drone. Others pump Chase links desperately, TBB provides entertainment, woohoo!

Now for something different travel related. Screw the first class flat beds and selfies in the showers up in the air. How about traveling all over Europe on a motorcycle? Two Greeks have been doing this at moto-traveler. Here is one day from Talin to Latvia to Kaunas, Lithuania. Many more trips with lots of pictures here. You can hit the English translation button on the right. Here is a pic along one of the roads…

Hill of Crosses

Hill of Crosses


36 Hours in Sydney. By the New York Times. Interesting suggestions revolving around art and food in case anyone goes to Sydney.

10 Unique Hotels Around the World. And you all thought…oh, just another top ten list, sure we have seen these before. Well, I have seen only some of these hotels. The others were surprising. This was found at the most esteemed travel website: Wall Street Cheat Sheet :-)

Marques De Riscal Hotel, Spain

Marques De Riscal Hotel, Spain

Fascinating and very educational infographic about “The Currency Printing Process“. I could not help but think if I had this process and equipment to print miles/points in my basement…#addictionsign?

And something inspirational. A PA doctor dresses as homeless man to treat street people. So, how many credit card links did your favorite blogger pushed today? :-)

A picture of my kids in the Los Cabos area in Mexico below. Yeah, we stayed at the Hilton Los Cabos on points and it was just awesome!

Los Cabos July 2010

Los Cabos July 2010


And I leave you with this truly horrifying moment…

Mr Bean bathroonm scary

Found here


Please ignore the trolls.


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144 comments on “Delta best award space to Asia LOL, US Air card to go on, my Vanilla love story, Best surf video, Moto-traveler, Sydney

    • Well this is confusing. Doesn’t BA have mother links and all bloggers revenue share? DP and MV lunch is the most hysterical thing I have read in the travel blogosphere in a very very long time. Imagine if you could round it up with dinner w/ FTG, TPG and MMS. T(D)ouché !!

      • I don’t think anyone has leaked the BA model publicly, but I don’t think there’s any revenue-sharing on affiliate links. Looks like no more Chase links for DP and PMM. Maybe others? DP said he had the links through today so we’ll be watching if any other blogs no longer show active Chase links beginning tomorrow. And maybe others outside of BA lost their links, too?

      • I don’t know about BA mother links. I suspect it is easier to get them with BA than being independent but you still need to produce clicks/conversions after you get them. Which is mind boggling is that this particular blog did market the links a lot. I guess not enough? And, as usual, they are contractually not allowed to talk about this stuff so we will never know.

        If anyone knows or cares to comment please feel free and enlighten us all.

    • I though Rick claimed DP was “crushing it”, lol. Apparently not.

      I noticed that UnRoadWarrior seems to have lost affiliate links (other than a couple Barclay cards). That guy only seemed to exist on BA to pitch CCs as a “featured blogger” no less.

  1. Pretty pathetic when ever-affable Gary has harsher things to say about another blogger than what you are doing since you’ve tried to monetize…

    C’mon George, spice your blog up. You must be losing eyeballs by the minute with the same pablum day after day. Bring back the angries…

    • My biggest fan says I am losing eyeballs. He thinks I went positive due to the trolling pressure applied here which is…well, ludicrous.

      Paul: I went positive because there is so much “negative” material I can go on and on 24/7, I just don’t have the time for it. I made my three lists I am really proud of. I brought some awareness to improve the hobby and I pretty much have done this without any commercial aspirations at all and hopefully you guys got some entertainment value out of reading TBB.

      I must admit the troll attacks have surpassed my wildest imagination SINCE I went positive so…WTF!

      Dear reader C.: I will not respond to the insults and repeated faulty arguments. You ignore the trolls and let them continue embarrass themselves if they prefer to continue to do so.

      Yes, I am thinking of going back to my Siskel mode. I am thinking about doing a fourth list “Blogs I Avoid” and throw in there a few blogs from the Ignore list and tweet the hell out of it. Thinking about doing a special on blog disclosure practices. Thinking about doing a FAQ on the Southwest Companion Pass (just kidding).

      Maybe after tax season :-)

      Like Frequent Miler, I blog about what pleases me at the moment. This has been a pleasant diversion to my busy life and I am thrilled I have more than friends and family who read me.

      Now excuse me while I continue working on my “Top 10 Credit Cards in my big fat wallet” post :-)

        • Lol…When I do it I will pump the crap out of the Chase Reconsideration phone numbers and do THE definitive post on credit card churning. It will be THE 2nd legendary blog post of all time (to follow FM’s 5x OD post).
          I have so many ideas in my head for the blog but I need to clone me a few times to get to them all. In the meantime, the 2013 1040 tax software is installed and soon TBB team goes on tax mode lol.
          Ok, time to refill my Panera coffee.
          Before readers jump all over me, I would like to state that I am thinking about not refusing the comped trip to Maldives in an overwater bungalow some nice PR person will offer me next week #hint #please

  2. I liked MV’s response to Gary. “What problem? if a couple wants to go to asia book one in economy and one in business.” Bam! problem solved. I think that is great advice, I’m sure if I came up with a plan like that my wife would really appreciate it. Actually, now that I think about it she wouldn’t care because I would be stuck in economy in both directions. Thanks for the awesome advice MV. The sad thing about MV is that there is actually helpful shit buried in that blog, but it is hard to get past the douchebaggery (is that a word? If not, it should be).

    • Regarding Gary’s comments, one could easily tell Gary that ““Airline A is Great for Award Availability if you don’t Like your KIDS“. Most advice is based on a blogger’s life style. Gary is married but no kids (and some flexibility). Lucky and MV are single and fairly young and extremely flexible etc. It will be interesting to read about Dan’s travel now that he has 2 kids.Best of luck when the latest one turns 2!

      • I travel extensively with miles and points with wife and two kids. We are doing a full family trip in March/April to …. yeah I know yawn.. Maldives… but still a mix of first and business class there and back. I am working on a RTW to include Africa, Middle East and Asia. I should probably blog more about this. You have to be willing to go a bit more “all-in” and use the fact you can get twice everything and sometimes more (I will fully confess my dog got Delta debit cards back in 2010 when all they wanted was a name and $50 for 55k miles) but it is possible. It’s just not possible to do it with a handful of easy sign ups

        • How to travel for free with a family of four. We have several family bloggers who have one kid. Dan of DD is too busy with his seminars and eating kosher food. This is it man. Write for these families and we ‘ll see you doing THE look in a Colbert Report show next :-)

          I can see it now: “Family blogger travels for free with his wife and two kids to the Maldives for free several times” You can learn how to do it in his blog. And when they go there you greet them with the Ink Bold and Amex Plat links LOL.

          OK, I need to get serious. Changing email hosting for my real job later today. I am scared. Things go wrong when I try to improve things tech wise…

      • I was on a flight recently where a woman sat herself in F or Bus – not sure since I was in the back 😉 ! – and left her kids in the back too. They were pretty young and went back and forth to mom a lot. I was surprised that she’d leave them alone in the back but then realized there was a nanny in back too.

        Does this kind of thing happen a lot?

      • Flying 3 class F to HI in 2 weeks with 2 kids.
        Queue the “Do kids belong in F” comments!

        I redeemed miles even for our 4 month old. Because I sure as heck aren’t about to hold her for 10 hours!

      • “Most advice is based on a blogger’s life style. Gary is married but no kids (and some flexibility). Lucky and MV are single and fairly young and extremely flexible etc.”

        That’s wrong

        MV’s advice is based on what helps him push credit cards. He needs to find a way to push the few cards he has affiliate links to, so he’ll hump and spin Delta and Frontier anyway he can

        It’s not a coincidence that nowhere in the post did he mention “oh by the way, this is for 1 person only”. Gary and Lucky always make clear how many passengers they are talking about

        • Some people think you are angry. They fantasize of seeing you run a paper route or having a lawn business…I say haters gonna hate :-)

          I think you know this space very well and know what you are talking about and are not afraid to say it. So thanks!

  3. In MileValue’s “I was wrong about everything regarding US Airways” post, he has a section in there titled “Getting the Most American Airlines Miles from Credit Cards in the Next Year”

    In that section, he has links to the Arrival card and Frontier card

    He has no link in that section to a single card that will help you get American Airlines miles

  4. Rene and Scott leading a pow wow would be absolutely hilarious. Scott talking about the frontier card… Rene bumbling on cluelessly wearing his obnoxious “DeltaPoints” branded polo shirt.

    Man, if only ingy would join them. Id consider flying in just for laughs then.

  5. When I was writing my earlier comment, for whatever reason, when I think of MV I always think of the d-bag at a cocktail party with his collar popped. Which got me thinking about other bloggers and their cocktail stereotypes….

    MV – popped collar guy, who hits on every chick at the party with some cheesy line hoping that the old adage will hold true, “anyone can get laid just keep your hopes high and standards low.”

    FTG – angry old drunk guy

    MMS – nerdy guy who is happy just to get an invite but shows up overdressed because he did not know what to wear.

    Travel is Free – Pretty cool guy but shows up underdressed because he doesn’t own a nice shirt.

    Mommy Points – The mom who has not been out in a really long time because of the kids and gets too drunk. (MV of course tries out a couple of his expert lines and almost gets punched by Mr Mommy Points),

    View From the Wing – He is the guy that always ends up behind the bar because he thinks his martini is the best.

    One Miles at a Time – Socially awkward guy that never would have come in a million years but his girlfriend made him so he does the lost poppy dog thing with his girlfriend all night.

    The Points Guy – Super fun guy, but he is always sneaking off to the bathroom to do another line of coke.

    Travel Blogger Buzz – hates cocktail parties so brought a couple of joints.

    • Hysterical.

      But you can add a few more. Here’s one to start:

      Pack of Peanuts – bumbling 20something with a goofy grin and a video camera trying to interview the others or tape a podcast in a well meaning but slightly annoying way.

      • HackMyTrip – Clean cut guy sitting at the bar, swirling a drink and talking status. He is sitting because gets most of his points the old fashioned way, by actually flying. “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?”

        Dan – Couldn’t come, because the party was on a Jewish holiday.

        HeelsFirstTravel – The best dressed of the bunch, but we can’t say for sure because they are running late due to a show sale at Nordstrom. They are delayed even further when they meet Angelina at the make-up counter and have a spirited debate about the merits of Birchbox.

        • +100000 to Scott

          I’ll add a few more

          Deals We Like – that person that nobody else at the party can figure out who she is or why she’s there

          Delta Points – Shows up wearing a t-shirt with his picture on it. Doggy bags as much of the food and drinks as possible.

          Emily – Thinks everyone else at the party is a bunch of wackjobs. Desperate to get out of there, she joins TPG in doing lines of coke

          Wandering Aramean – Starts arguments with everybody at the party. FTG takes a swing, but falls to the ground in a drunken stupor.

          • Gotta object to MommyPoints. I don’t think she gets drunk. I think she shows up in ski clothes and plays nicely with all the spouses who can’t figure out which card to use to buy a souvenir t-shirt.

            Saverocity – Pow-wows in the corner with Milenomics about all things financial whilst ordering a glass of the best wine available and debating who to invite to join the empire next.

            Milenomics – Brings his own elite status. Stops Saverocity mid-sentence to check his watch so he can calculate his t-rate to decide whether or not to stay. This is fine with Saverocity who wanders over to find TBB and more things financial. Or just more things that educate, entertain or inspire.

          • Canadiankms – crying outside bc the bouncer won’t let in people under the age of 21. Or Canadian.

            Jameson – has a flask with titos and cran while scanning the room

            MommyPoints – after taking a swing at another guy making a MILF joke, heads to the corner to hang with her gay bestie

    • Haha well played, well played. What about FM, and a few others you missed? Where/what/how do you you fit in the party? Don’t be the host.

      • FM is hard to stereotype. Maybe he can play host.

        Me? I’m pissed at Gary for not using organic locally sourced olives in his Martini. I then bore him and others to death talking about some great local Oregon made gin. (It’s called Crater Lake Gin people)

        • Gary L: Stays in the room and watches reruns of Colbert Report and practices THE look non stop. He then gets hungry and orders room service and demands pancakes. Wakes up at 4.17 am, checks Loyalty Lobby to see what’s happening and pulls out laptop and just hammers out a few killer blog posts well before anyone was awake. Makes it to work first and everyone marvels again at his insane work ethic while they ask him how to get to Dubai in F.

  6. Before we have another meltdown here, let me just say that Scott’s comment was for entertainment purposes only and intended to be satire. It sure made me laugh, especially the one about me. I should organize a Mile High DO in Denver…screw Amsterdam lol

  7. At times I thought about folding this baby but then…I realized how am I going to get my daily dose of entertainment? Thank you to ALL commenters for taking the time to read and comment here.

    I now need to go pay some bills as the Amazon link is widely underperforming lol.

    See ya in early evening.


  8. Hmm. Haven’t checked carefully or recently, but did/will Ingy criticize Gary for going negative on MV? Seems that if he plays fair, and really believes his “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it” philosophy, he oughta go play policeman over at VFTW.

    Love the hotel photo from Spain. Not quite In the tradition of Antoni Gaudi, but made me think of him!

    • He probably will criticize Gary

      It’s long been obvious his jealousy of Gary/Randy

      He’s criticized FTU for far more trivial reasons….

    • Agreed they are angry. My bet is the majority are white males 20-40 that feel the were destine to greatness but missed the mark and are currently underachievers. There can be no other logical explanation for the desire to tear down others that have had a momentary success in their lives with a blog. So successful in fact, that the disenchanted resort to degrading personal attacks and comments. It is a classic example of jealousy and placing their dissatisfaction at the feet of others instead of doing something about their own circumstances, picking themselves up and trying again.

      It is a nest of angries as I have suggested for over a year now, and unfortunately, as long as they have a place where they can slam others behind the veil of anonymity and no fear of their comments being monitored to move the conversation in a more positive direction, or having the suggestion made to look at the positive contributions made by bloggers, it will just continue forever.

      Such a shame.

      • “My bet is the majority are white males 20-40 that feel the [sic] were destine [sic] to [sic] greatness but missed the mark and are currently underachievers”

        How dare you stereotype people, sir!

  9. TravelBloggerBuzz – Gosh, look at this party. How come there is no wine, seriously? I wish I was at Panera drinking hazelnut coffee. Hey you, click on my Amazon link. Which card should I use on my way home to 5x it? Hi there, my name is George and I feel #delta rage inside 24/7 please help me. Wonder the number of unread blog posts in my Feedly. It has been 7.5 hours since I last updated Award Wallet. I miss my therapist. Haven’t had pizza for two weeks, this is insane! Free Pussy Riot…oh wait. NSA can’t touch me because it owns me.

    • you mean the gender neutral “friends” on all of his trips
      to be fair, hard to see someone with his travel schedule having any relationship at all except with the AA Twitter desk

      • the 3 notes above almost make one sympathetic to ingy about TBB’s approach to comments. I love the free for all, but this is too far. think before you submit.

        • I agree. PLEASE let’s keep comments regarding sexual orientation out of my blog please! This stuff really makes me cringe, it has no place here.

          Having said that, I see TBB as part of a living organism (with all what that entails) and not a sanitized controlled version of glowing feel good messages. Who am I to censor this stuff, Kim Jung Uno? If you want a boring comment wasteland go to Disney or Oprah.

          Boon, dg, Adam: Please refrain from sexual orientation comments (what is the big deal anyway?) and not give ammunition to TBB haters to justify their angry rants. If people do not want to reveal it it is their right! I wished they did as it would make for a better, more honest blog but hey it is their blog and they can do what they want! Thank you.

          And don’t forget to click on my Amazon link! #turningintoclickwhoreslowly?

            • I don’t understand how challenging mistaken assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation is “hurtful.” Neither of the bloggers at issue would deny their sexual orientation.

              The suggestion identifying someone’s sexual orientation to correct something about them having a girlfriend is more hurtful or offensive than saying they are doing coke in the bathroom, having no social skills, or is an alcoholic is itself to me offensive.

              Sexual orientation is not a character flaw or venereal disease, and we all need to stop acting like it is one.

              That’s all I’m going to say about that.

              • As TBB said, “If people do not want to reveal it it is their right! ” – I think that good fun can veer to hurtful if we cross the line of offering more info about someone than he or she is ready to offer on their own. And yes, I also had some reservations about the coke/alcoholic comments.

                I am hoping folks feel flattered to be included. If any of my characterizations caused anyone heartache, I sincerely apologize. I tried to keep them at the level of what you’d find in a “roast” and hope I succeeded. If not, please accept my apology.

        • believe me. It can and will get worse without adult supervision. It’s called “piling on” a common human trait when there are no repercussions for out of line behavior.

          I consider it more juvenile and damaging than pimping a link because people’s feelings can be permanently damaged.

          • You serious? Feelings can be hurt with permanent damage? What is this, pre-k?

            Selling someone on credit they aren’t ready for or educated about can do REAL harm. Big boy harm. Not grade school harm

  10. We are all having harmless fun here, escaping the stress in our daily lives, making fun of ourselves and here comes the angry troll who has no sense of humor.

    Dang it, I should have renewed my Medical Marijuana license for my arthritis playing soccer at such a high level.

    First and foremost, this site is about entertainment. No longer free, click on my Amazon link! Unless you have diapers to buy (hear that Nick?) or clothing or amazing Local experiences (whatever that is, do massages count?).

    NO blog post tomorrow. I don’t have enough material.

    By the way dear readers, let me add some value to you right here, right now…Ok, here it is, ready for it?

    The 7% Sapphire Preferred bonus is coming. For real. Phucking ABC, Wow! You heard it first at TBB.

    Public notice: Comments are about entertainment and intended to be satire. If you think otherwise it is not our problem, you obviously do not like it, you are free to leave in this capitalist free country!

    • Except you are NOT making fun of YOURSELVES. You are making fun of OTHERS. You are unknown unanimous trollers talking about sexual orientation of OTHERS and drug and alcohol use of OTHERS.

      as I said above displaced anger to replace your own personal shortcomings .

      let’s try this one: George Papadopolous EX part time contributor to the Wall Street Journal shaking his head in the corner when he is fired from the WSJ for allowing disparaging remarks regarding drug usage and sexual orientation of others on his secret hobby blog. George can’t figure out if some disgruntled individual contacted the WSJ and brought to light his underground activity OR if a google crawl caught the eye of the WSJ.

      George when you and the others here start to make fun of YOURSELVEs, THAT will be funny.

      this is a tragic display of behavior and you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing it.

      • Yawn…

        Refresh me again as to what Rene’s last name is… Or your daughter for that matter – she was a blogger on FTG after all

          • George I have never threatened you and never will. You are not worth the effort. You know as well as I do I could have exposed your blog to the wsj a year ago.

            But I did get a big kick out of your attempt to connect with IB through Linkedin. what’s the matter Georgie boy? can’t take a little of your own medicine?

      • So can you explain how the following shortcoming leads you to be the angriest of the angries?

        FTG: “Because of some long lingering childhood issues, I’ve always felt the need to please people. In clinical circles, it could be called being codependent on others’ pleased reactions. Man oh man, have I got it. I want everybody to get along.”

        Also, your attempt with TBB was good but I think you can do better. It seemed so angry. It was missing that tongue-in-cheek quality that so many others were able to capture so well.

        Let me try for you:

        TBB: After getting fired from the WSJ for running down the halls yelling “Free Pussy Riot” TBB shows up at the party wearing his leather jacket from 1985. Upon realizing it no longer has the desired effect with the ladies, he heads to the back yard, lights up his joint, wallows in self pity, and thinks to himself…”if only I listened Ingy my life would be perfect.”

        • I have never been paid a penny from the Journal. Full disclosure :-)
          They are actually increasing the material they want from me! Dang it, it keeps me away from TBB comments lol.
          Oh, one more thing. I DO have my black leather jacket from 1985 still! I just can not get rid of it, so many memories with it. Too bad it does not fit me anymore lol.
          Dinner is ready, otherwise I could go on making fun of myself :-)

      • @Rick I just can’t understand the need for these personal attacks. I’ve always said that if you dont like a blog, don’t read it..look elsewhere, but personal attacks..omg.

        I have followed this blog because it was from an interesting angle, but no more.. I dont need to read personal attacks. I am now following my own advice, done.

        • Dear JohnnieD: I have repeatedly prefaced my commentary on the comments that this is intended to be satire. I continue to making fun of myself. Bloggers and readers have been 99% positive about my blog, even bloggers who were made “fun of” all in the name of good fun. My joking style can be a little edgy sometimes I admit it. And just a few get turned off by it. If you get turned off by it I am sorry it was not meant to cause harm or hurt any feelings at all!

          I do not get it why you will quit reading a blog for personal attacks another commenter with a personal vendetta against me makes repeatedly. It appears like you are rewarding that trolling behavior this way?

          Sorry to lose you as a reader but just admit it, you were never going to click on my affiliate links :-)

          Thank you for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate that! And I am always open for suggestions on how to improve!

      • People here have been making fun of themselves for a long time. And when you post a blog detailing your personal life (showing us the toilets you use, the pajamas you where, the food you eat), you open yourself up for criticism.
        I’ve said it before, but there’s nothing disparaging about identifying someone’s sexual orientation. If you think that makes someone a bad person, that says far more about you than any one else.

  11. @Scott, Thanks for starting the party. It was great fun. I’d stay and play some more but we are going to Seattle in the morning and I need to pack.

    We had dinner with friends who haven’t quite wrapped their heads around my new hobby. “Why are you going to Seattle?”
    “Well, we have a free night we need to use.”
    Hmmm, I think I need to come up with some better answers….

    On other fronts, the Blazers won tonight (yes!) and I hope we don’t get caught in Seattle Seahawks traffic on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

      • Well, coach Maurice is not doing much with the Detroit Pistons :-(

        These two games will be awesome to watch. I actually have not seen a Seattle Seahawks game all year. I never liked Harbaugh so I am with the Seahawks. Brady vs Peyton Manning, wow! May the best team win! Next year, fyi everyone, the Detroit Lions are going to the Superbowl…Yep, you heard it here first. No I am not under the influence of any substances :-)

        • In the interests of full transparency, I only know about the Blazers because two of the guests at the dinner we attended kept sneaking out of the dining room and into the family room to catch a glimpse of the game, and when they were not doing that, they would not-so-surreptitously check their phones at the table. When one whispered, “They won – this is BIG!” I knew something was up. But I do have fond memories of PDX when the Blazers almost went all the way – you 20-40 white males were still little guys then – and I would love to see the Rose City become Rip City once again.

          Speaking of dinner parties, our little cocktail party, now that TBB has generously brought some wine and a few day old muffins from Panera, continues:

          Big Habitat – Outfitted in camo fatigues, BH enters in a hurry, straight from Staples or was it Office Depot? He is lugging a printer he is certain he can sell on ebay if he can’t hawk it on the street and save the shipping. He sports a specially outfitted holster with individual slots on his left hip for credit cards that earn 5x at office supply stores. Tumbling out of a pocket are some “squares” he can’t seem to get rid of…. He makes a beeline for Chasing the Points to share secrets about gift card churning and Fedex vs USPS.

          Kathy – Kat can’t really attend, because she is running her 1029th marathon. But by some stroke of luck or perhaps planning (we point mavens are excellent planners) the hotel where the rest of us are partying is on the route, at mile 7.8 to be exact, so she dashes in, shedding a layer or two of the clothing she donned earlier when it was cold. While the race organizers usually pick up said clothing for donations to the needy, several party guests who are into reselling on ebay snatch them up first, thereby initiating a heated discussion about whether it is better to use all those extra amenity kits as contest prizes on blogs seeking eyeballs or if they should instead be donated to the homeless, along with all the little bottles of shampoo we steal daily from hotel rooms.

          Sensing that the party continues, and responding to rumors that have been circulating that a special guest may be coming,TBB decides to order in some pizzas. And who might that guest be? Certainly not Jeff Smisak. Mr. Pickles, perhaps? Nah. Probably just some reps who monitor affiliate links or guys from Amazon who want to check out their newest affiliate linker, the ever-affable TBB.

          Now, which bloggers are missing all the fun, opting instead to take photos of the bathroom for their blog?

  12. More guests –

    Rom – calls everyone “ma’am” and “sir.” FTG adopts him.

    Overheard at the sorority table, “I’m younger, hotter and have more kids. Why does SHE get all the attention and the Chase links?” All nod in agreement, except

    The Miles Professor – breezes in with her gf’s. Too cool for this scene, goes to the local banks and gets their best cc offers. Picks up an investment banker there and whisks off to his private island in F for negative points. Breaks his heart.

    All the other F2B bloggers – car-pooled in their Enterprise rental car from the EconoLodge paid for with BarclayCard Arrival points.

    The waiter – actually a blogger in disguise. Listens intently and posts all the deals on his Mr. Pickles site.

  13. to anyone that was offended by my comments, I offer my sincere apologies. It’s 2014. I’m gay. I’m proud of it. If you’re in NYC for pride you can come to my epic annual party. We are your investment bankers, your lawyers, your accountants and yes, your favorite travel bloggers / credit card shills too.

    I will come back here and announce when I start up [url edited to avoid accusations I promote any porn on my site! Get over it, I think it was an innocent mistake to make a point] with the tag line “jet setting to circuit parties, one point at a time”.


    • So I have to ask, did you know gaypoints was a porn site or did you make that up not knowing that (1) it exists and (2) it’s a porn site?

      This has been a very interesting comment section. Just as social commentary and how differently people react to parody/satire. Certainly reveals a bit of a generation gap. I think people in my age bracket would not be offended in the slightest by the following comments

      “Am I the only that doubts that “Lucky” is bringing a “girlfriend” to any party?”

      “you mean the gender neutral “friends” on all of his trips
      to be fair, hard to see someone with his travel schedule having any relationship at all except with the AA Twitter desk”

      My experience is that people in my age bracket could care less about what a person’s sexual orientation may be. Hell, just the other day at work a lesbian co-worker of mine was teasing another co-worker that he was an honorary lesbian because he drives a Forester. In my experience it seems to be a generational thing that those who are a generation above us tend to think sexual orientation is something not to be discussed in polite discourse and is best left in the closet.

      On the other hand, maybe you old guys are right that Boon and Adam were intending to be insulting by using “gay” as an insult in itself. I don’t know, but I think it is interesting that the way those comments were interpreted seemed to have a generational aspect to it.

      • Might be an age thing but then again it could just be bad manners. How do you know what people’s ages are on this board anyways?

        I don’t sense that anyone here “cares” about a person’s sexual orientation, as it “good” or “bad”. It’s just not a topic to play around with, unless you know the people you are playing to and they know you. Using your example, if you told a stranger on the street that he’s an “honorary lesbian because he drives a Forrester”, that’s just rude. Even a “younger generation” guy might not laugh that off.

      • @Scott: I think you make a very good point about the “generation gap”! And I think sometimes is the lack of observing body language that may lead to unfortunate misunderstandings. I laughed a lot with the Forester joke! I think nobody should care about anyone’s sexual orientation, we are all humans. I also strongly believe in equal rights and gays should get married if they want (and not have to pay higher tax preparation bills!). Lot of progress has been made and hopefully within five years all states are in line.

        As many have observed and I repeatedly have mentioned, I see my site as mostly entertainment and should not be taken seriously. I also think humor on yourself is, well, very healthy and liberating to keep you grounded so you don’t get a big head and justify your latest barrage of affiliate links :-)

        @bluecat: I am sure the people involved with the Forester joke knew and were teasing each other in the name of good fun. Doing this with a stranger on the street would be well, weird. I would laugh it off and cross the street :-)

        Let’s continue:

        PatMilke – Gets tired of chaperoning Canadiankms and listening to him bitching about how tough the Accounting classes in college are and how he longs to be flying to Sydney without his mother trying out another new F product. Finally she can’t take it any longer, buys Candiankms a six pack of beer and heads out to hunt for Vanilla while fantasizing Chase still welcomes her. She screams from joy when she spots a money order in her car seat and adds it to the “to be deposited pile” for the next bank (not Chase) run.

        • That’s really rude and stereotypical. Whether joking or not, I find that really offensive. Nothing against the blog, but when did it go from slandering the blog to slandering the person?

          • Oh Jeff, come on dude, you need to lighten up! If you find this offensive me and Pat apologize! We meant it for fun. If we knew you are so sensitive we would not make these comments! Don’t take yourself so seriously man! Making fun of myself is very humbling trait, you should be more open to it. Anyways, this blog contains edgy humor. You are free to leave, no offense whatsoever! You can take me off your FB friend list, I will not be offended at all. I like you and am here to help with anything and give you my opinion like I have done several times.

  14. Rick missed the point (again). Folks here aren’t on him because he made a lot of money from his blog. I admire success and enjoy both mine and that of others.

    No,  the disdain is due to Rick coming over here and bragging about his money (“checks keep a cashing”), while criticizing in juvenile terms George’s and others’ quite valid observations that the blog he represents has gone so far down in quality. To be clear on that point since Rick has obfuscated it before, I am not saying that because it is a blog written for newbies. I say that because of the poorly researched posts. Remember the Super Bowl challenge? How about the US Air trip to Europe on Star partners?

    Rick would do his karma a lot more good by spending his time offering suggestions on how to clean up FTG blog. He says he has no control over the blog but he ought to be concerned that it is causing people to laugh at him for his affiliation with it. Wasn’t there a ‘maintain the quality’ clause in that sale agreement?

    BTW big guy, nice job getting that change for $10 on your busted trip to Hawaii. Good lesson there for everyone: Keep trying, be polite, be firm. Very well done-I thought I was back in 2010 reading some of the great stuff you used to put out day-in, day-out.

  15. I find this portrayal of me rude and offensive. I expect you all to buy me a glass of the most expensive wine in order to help the reconciliation process.

    Happy hour pricing is acceptable, in the spirit of value.

  16. “George I have never threatened you and never will” – Probably the funniest comment today!

    Thank you for all the positive comments! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I am humbled and honored! Thank you to all the haters (mainly one) for contributing to the ridiculousness (proudly) of this failing blog that has not managed to crack three digits in revenue (LOL!) yet and excels in providing entertainment and number of comments in a day that the other corporate owned site does not get in several months! And no staff here, just an idiot Greek who came over to the promise land by boat (not really, it was TWA…coach) and liked it so much he stayed. How can you say no to a land that had roller coasters (Cedar Point is my favorite), weed and Bud Light? Allow me to carry on. You can hurt me but you can not stop me (sounds like a Lou Reed song). So, you know, I always felt I had some artistic/creative brain cells in my big head but consistently failed to get them to flow out of my body as my voice resembled a mule (not evil), just did not have IT for drums (my mother still has nightmares about it ) and my glorious pro soccer aspirations were cut way short due to a super nasty tackle by Number 4 in a village near Mt. Olympus (never forgot the face of that MF!). So, anyways, where was I? I forgot where I was going with this. Oh, I remembered. This blog came out of boredom and wanting a new challenge. Here I am 15 months later still at it and, shockingly, I have not folded like a cheap suit. When I fold it will be in an expensive suit dangit. I many not wear one too often but when I do I make me look good even though I realize I will never be CQ material.

    One thing you should know is that I like to do things differently. And I like to have fun, hey we only live once. I LOVE this hobby and want to contribute to make it better. But, most importantly, entertainment will always come first here! If you are too sensitive for edgy humor that occasionally may get a little too edgy (sorry about that, it happens you know) this is definitely not the blog for you, please leave. If you keep coming back to a place that upsets you my therapist can give referrals based on your location. Please leave or seek help.

    Okay, I have stayed away from Feedly today. I need that mental break to refresh. I must admit that trolls inspire me the most, thank you!

    Just had an awesome dinner made by my wife. She is into cooking, the only thing I have been able to cook is hot dogs (in the microwave) and toast (in the toaster) and then I spread hummus on it (better than the hummus in the Delta Sky Lounge!). Before that i went on another run to my local CVS stores ( come on guys, 2 out of 3 were dry, where do you hide them now?). I got the IHG Rewards card today and took care of the min spend as part of this vanilla run. It is an addiction, what can I say? We had some family for dinner and I finally convinced another cousin to help out the mission (to amass more points) by assisting with yet another Bluebird. It will cost me a night in Paris at the airport Hilton by the way, he is happy and I am happy (and my wife and kids are happy, you know I am doing all this for them right?)

    I let the identifying info above intact because I am not going to act like a child and keep changing them. You can make up your own mind about such behavior. As awesome dude NBA player Rasheed Wallace said “Ball don’t lie” we have proof here that “comments does not lie” :-)

    Stop addressing the trolls, it only gives them incentive to keep…trolling!

    Regarding the accusation of me contacting IB, I connect with everyone at Linked in, send me a LI connection request, it helps my Klout score :-) There is a story behind this but I am not going to get into it until I can. #remindmetodoit Bottom line, troll’s conduct here is harming business in that blog and I am so sorry for the fine people who write there.

    Getting back into funny mode here…I just want you all to know I no longer do joints. Come on, give me some credit (oh yeah baby, that was a hint for the credit cards coming at ya lol). Who needs joints when you can have brownies #whoneedsAmsterdamanylonger?

    I pick SF-Denver

    The Super Bowl commercials will not be the same without the GoDaddy commercials #sadface

    • George thanks for some of the comments. They show a real human side to you and the reason I will not give up on you. I know deep down inside, you are a good man.

      If you want me to leave your blog, you’ll have to censor me George. I will continue to comment on your blog defending others from criticism whether you think it is warranted or not. Trashing other people is never a good thing and I really dislike giving you a little of your own medicine. But as you can see from some of your readers they agree with me. You have lost several this evening and I’m telling you more will leave if your trashing others continues.

      You do have something to offer this hobby. A quirky sense of humor, a great ability to find unique and interesting content. Why not just leave it with a positive spin and stop demeaning others.

      The party involved from IB contacted me and told me of your request. You initiated the contact George. We all know it.

      And to George’s readers that stood up, showed some remorse and apologized for crossing the line, you can be proud of yourselves. Don’t ever let the crowd hysteria have you cross you own line.

      • I have a thought. I think Rick should make a list of all the disgusting, mean spirited, horrible things George has ever said about anyone on this blog. We will do the same and make a list of all the mean spirited, disgusting, personal attacks Rick has made to George. Hmmmm, I wonder who’s list will be longer.

        Rick, I will say I do owe you an apology. I think I heard once upon a time that you are a recovering alcoholic. I remembered that after I posted that you were the mean old drunk. The sad thing is that I posted that not because I wanted to make fun of you as recovering alcoholic. I said it because your behavior on this site over the last year reminds me of a person who is vindictive and mean spirited, basically the mean old drunk at a party. My apologies.

        I have emailed you a few times when I started with this hobby and always found you to be kind and helpful. But, your attitude and behavior has been so shocking. I almost wonder if “Ingy” is really that same guy. I hope you’re a poser and the real Rick is totally clueless that some poser has been on here behaving like you have. Peace.

        • Sometimes I wonder if it is the same guy too. I have been assured it is. #sadface

          Regarding recovering alcoholics and drug addicts: I have the highest respect for people who were strong enough to get clean!

          As far as angry trolling goes…yawn.

  17. I apologize for my comment above. It wasn’t meant to insulting, just pointing out my observations on the topic. I have no issue with anyone or their sexual orientation. (unless they pimp Amazon links, then I have a problem 😉 )

    Once again I am sorry for my comment above, and specifically to those who were offended by it.

  18. Just checked into the W in Seattle. Lots of SF fans checking in! We were upgraded to a larger room on a higher floor – great view of Seattle. Love the Bliss cosmetics but what’s with free wifi only for Platinums? Luckily there is a Starbucks right across the street. This is Seattle after all.

    Speaking of Starbucks, today we saw the original handmade sign they used for the very first store. Now is that history, or what?

    Go Seahawks!!

    • I was at that Starbucks last year. Right around the corner is a tiny Mediterranean eatery that has awesome shawarmas! Check my mega trip report :-)

      I’ll be watching the game.I want Seattle because I can’t stand Harbaugh but I think the guy is due this year.

  19. Could someone take a picture of the toilet at the party for me. Given the crowd, please flush first. I’ve been at this travel game for weeks now and I have an upcoming interview this Friday. I’d like to use it there. The interview is a secret (well more than 1) so I can’t talk about it here.

    • Hi, my name is Bob and discovered yesterday I can fly for free on Delta for 25k miles to Orlando and I decided to start a blog to tell all my friends and family how to travel for free too.
      We avoid toilet pics here at TBB…unless it is the latest Japanese model :-)

        • Me. I’ll be last. Sadly Mr TWA44 doesn’t want schwarma for breakfast. This downtown is crawling with people dressed for the game. The number 12 is on buildings and cranes and signs and even on face paint on the forehead of the Starbucks barista. Feels like a football Saturday did in A2 but it is downtown Seattle.

          We are such nerds we are heading to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma!

          Not my fav hotel but the W bed is fabulous – I can see why people buy it! Really great night’s sleep and I usually sleep less well in hotels.

          Go Seahawks !

          • W beds are the best, we love ours (at 50% off bought with SPG card of course).

            Take the ferry over to that Bainbridge Island and have a nice walk around. The views and the pics of the skyline coming back to the city port are magnificent!

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    • Just finished watching the game. You must admit they were a better team. Probably two of the best QBs who ever played the game. I just did not think Peyton’s body will keep up, the dude is impressive.

      • No doubt, my Pats barely had any business being there in the first place and the Broncos showed it, but still screw the Broncos.

        I will be pulling for them in 2 weeks though because they are the prettiest piece of the dung pile.

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